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The Bair Foundation Brings Services to Lexington, Kentucky

The Bair Foundation Inc, a Christian child and family ministry has announced the opening of its first of three offices planned for the state of Kentucky. With 45 years of child welfare and social service experience, The Bair Foundation has the potential to impact the lives of hundreds of local foster youth. As a leader in the field of therapeutic foster care, Bair offers a range of services with one goal in mind: To provide high quality foster care where children and teens can thrive in a safe, family environment until permanency can be achieved.

As more and more children are being removed from abusive and neglectful homes, The Bair Foundation Inc. is well-equipped to provide the services they need, including case management and the training and support of foster parents. Bair matches these children with foster parents who have received specialized training to care for any emotional and behavioral issues that may be present.

The Bair Foundation has developed its own treatment model called the Structured Intervention Treatment Model that gives foster parents the tools necessary to overcome the challenges and demands of children with emotional and behavioral issues. Utilizing the core principles of the treatment model has resulted in an increase in placement stability and lasting change for foster youth.

Any resident of Central Kentucky who is passionate about helping children and who would like to experience the rewards of being a foster parent, apply here To receive a free information packet and foster parent training dates, you can also call Mr. Spencer Wahl at 859-514-6080.