The Bair Foundation Announces Increase in Demand for Foster Parents

 The Bair Foundation is currently seeking foster homes for teens, minorities and children with special needs. There is an urgent need for families willing to take in children. The Bair Foundation announces there is currently a high demand for families willing to foster teens, minorities and children with special needs. Currently more than 16,000 Texas children are in need of foster care, according to the foundation.

 While the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCAR) stated the number of children coming into care has decreased in the last few years, there still remains a high demand for foster homes. These children and teens come from home situations where he or she was a victim of abuse, neglect and/or sexual assault. Many suffer from depression, mental illness and behavioral problems because they have been traumatized.

 The Bair Foundation utilizes the SITFC/SI model, a comprehensive treatment plan the organization trademarked, incorporating evidence-based practices and an effective curriculum. The non-profit organization will provide the tools foster parents need to succeed, especially in difficult cases, as well as provide financial reimbursement and health care for their foster children.

 “There are too many children, especially in the state of Texas, who need and deserve a place to call home. Whether it is permanent removal from their home or temporary, these children need safe places to stay and feel loved. The Bair Foundation works hand in hand with birth parents, when appropriate, as they take the steps necessary to be reunited with their children. If that’s not possible, permanent placement through guardianship, kinship, adoption or independent living (for those that are 18 years old) is the goal,” stated Dorie Alcaro, Marketing Director for The Bair Foundation.

 The Bair Foundation provides exceptional and specialized training for those looking to become a foster parent. In addition to training, the organization will provide 24/7 support to the foster parents and children in care.

 The goal of The Bair Foundation is to meet every need of the child; physically, emotionally, spiritually, and culturally by recruiting families who are representative of the communities from which the children come. Matching the children to their foster families increases the likelihood of placement stability and ultimately results in healthy child development.

 About The Bair Foundation

The Bair Foundation is a national organization that has successfully cared for and treated children, teens and families for over 45 years.  With 31 offices in 9 states it offers a myriad of community based services which include Structured Intervention Treatment Foster Care, Traditional Foster Care, Adoption Services, Medically-Needy Foster Care, Independent Living Services, Parent Empowerment Program, B.E.S.T. Program, Wraparound Services, In-Home Services, Assessment Home, and Outpatient Services. The Bair Foundation is accredited by COA (Council on Accreditation) and is a member of The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, Alliance for Children and Families, Christian Alliance for Orphans, and Foster Family-Based Treatment Association.   To find out more about The Bair Foundation, visit and

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