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Bair Partners with over 100 Churches Across the U.S. for Orphan Sunday 2016




 On Orphan/Stand Sunday, churches in 80 nations invite Christians to welcome children in need

 With 427,000 children in U.S. foster care and 17.8 million worldwide who’ve lost both parents, thousands of churches will echo a united message across 80 nations on Stand Sunday 2016.  Spanning languages, cultures and time zones, on November 13, Christians worldwide will celebrate God’s special love for orphaned and vulnerable children – and what ordinary people can do to put that love into action. Originally called “Orphan Sunday”, Stand Sunday programs promote rising up to help those in foster care. Orphan Sunday programs concentrate on the need for more foster and adoptive homes.

Special events, prayers and activities on Orphan/Stand Sunday invite individuals to consider adoption, foster care, mentoring and/or support for orphaned children around the world.

 The Impact of Growing Up Without a Family

In the United States, there are more than 425,000 children in the foster system today due to abuse and severe neglect. Reunification with their biological family is the goal for most of these youth. For them, foster care is temporary, until their family can recover and become a safe place for them again. About one quarter have been permanently removed from their parents. For these children, the wait for a family often exacerbates trauma the child suffered in their own home.  Every year, more than 20,000 “age out” into adulthood without a permanent family. It is imperative that we find at least one committed adult that the children can bond with before aging out of foster care. This could be a foster parent, coach, or teacher.

Foster youth face immense difficulties. Children aging out of the system without the support of a family are far more vulnerable to traffickers, prostitution, homelessness and a host of other ills. A 2013 human trafficking raid by the FBI found that 60 percent of child victims came from foster care.

Seeking to change these numbers, faith communities across a wide range of Christian denominations unite on Stand Sunday to challenge churches to rise up to be an answer for children in foster care. If every church in America fostered or adopted just one child from foster care, there would be more families waiting for children than children waiting for families.  More information and statistics state by state can be found here: .

The Bair Foundation has been standing for foster children since the 1960’s when Bill Bair was inspired at a church service to take foster children into his own home. He shared his vision with friends and family. The Bair Foundation has now served over 33,000 children and youth by recruiting, training and supporting foster families. With 35 offices in 9 states they offer a myriad of community-based services which include: Treatment Foster Care, Traditional Foster Care, Adoption Services, Medically-Needy Foster Care, Independent Living Services, Parent Empowerment Program, B.E.S.T. Program, Wraparound Services, In-Home Services, Assessment Home, & Outpatient Services. The Bair Foundation is accredited by COA (Council on Accreditation) and is a member of The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, Alliance for Children and Families, Christian Alliance for Orphans, and Foster Family-Based Treatment Association. For location and contact information about the Bair Foundation, go to

We believe everyone can help in some way. If unable to foster or adopt a child, you could be a respite provider or donor. Donations enable Bair to provide extras for the children in care, such as Christmas gifts, music lessons, equipment for special medical needs, etc. Donations can be made online at