Bair welcomes New Mexico State Director Erin Padula, LCSW



ALBUQUERQUE. The Bair Foundation, a non-profit child and family ministry serving over 4,000 foster youth and families in crisis nationally, is pleased to announce the appointment of Erin Padula as New Mexico State Director. Erin has a wealth of experience in child and family welfare. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from New York University and a Masters in Social Work degree from New Mexico State University. Before joining the Bair team, Erin provided counseling to children, adults and families; managed programs; and supervised staff in the social services field in both New York and New Mexico. Most recently, Erin founded a therapy and advocacy center in rural New Mexico in 2010, providing a diverse range of community and therapeutic services.

Erin will supervise Bair offices in both Albuquerque, where she will be headquartered, and Las Cruces, providing guidance and direction to staff, as well has enhancing and strengthening Bair’s programs and services with a focus on compliance, quality and safety.

As a leader in the field of treatment foster care, Bair offers a range of services with one goal in mind: To provide high quality foster care where children and teens can thrive in a safe, family environment until permanency can be achieved. As more and more children are being removed from abusive and neglectful homes, The Bair Foundation is well-equipped to provide the services they need, including case management, therapy and the training and support of foster parents. Bair matches these children with foster parents who have received specialized training to care for any emotional and behavioral issues that may be present. To learn more about Bair, visit

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