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Bair Partners with over 100 Churches Across the U.S. for Orphan Sunday 2016




 On Orphan/Stand Sunday, churches in 80 nations invite Christians to welcome children in need

 With 427,000 children in U.S. foster care and 17.8 million worldwide who’ve lost both parents, thousands of churches will echo a united message across 80 nations on Stand Sunday 2016.  Spanning languages, cultures and time zones, on November 13, Christians worldwide will celebrate God’s special love for orphaned and vulnerable children – and what ordinary people can do to put that love into action. Originally called “Orphan Sunday”, Stand Sunday programs promote rising up to help those in foster care. Orphan Sunday programs concentrate on the need for more foster and adoptive homes.

Special events, prayers and activities on Orphan/Stand Sunday invite individuals to consider adoption, foster care, mentoring and/or support for orphaned children around the world.

 The Impact of Growing Up Without a Family

In the United States, there are more than 425,000 children in the foster system today due to abuse and severe neglect. Reunification with their biological family is the goal for most of these youth. For them, foster care is temporary, until their family can recover and become a safe place for them again. About one quarter have been permanently removed from their parents. For these children, the wait for a family often exacerbates trauma the child suffered in their own home.  Every year, more than 20,000 “age out” into adulthood without a permanent family. It is imperative that we find at least one committed adult that the children can bond with before aging out of foster care. This could be a foster parent, coach, or teacher.

Foster youth face immense difficulties. Children aging out of the system without the support of a family are far more vulnerable to traffickers, prostitution, homelessness and a host of other ills. A 2013 human trafficking raid by the FBI found that 60 percent of child victims came from foster care.

Seeking to change these numbers, faith communities across a wide range of Christian denominations unite on Stand Sunday to challenge churches to rise up to be an answer for children in foster care. If every church in America fostered or adopted just one child from foster care, there would be more families waiting for children than children waiting for families.  More information and statistics state by state can be found here: .

The Bair Foundation has been standing for foster children since the 1960’s when Bill Bair was inspired at a church service to take foster children into his own home. He shared his vision with friends and family. The Bair Foundation has now served over 33,000 children and youth by recruiting, training and supporting foster families. With 35 offices in 9 states they offer a myriad of community-based services which include: Treatment Foster Care, Traditional Foster Care, Adoption Services, Medically-Needy Foster Care, Independent Living Services, Parent Empowerment Program, B.E.S.T. Program, Wraparound Services, In-Home Services, Assessment Home, & Outpatient Services. The Bair Foundation is accredited by COA (Council on Accreditation) and is a member of The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, Alliance for Children and Families, Christian Alliance for Orphans, and Foster Family-Based Treatment Association. For location and contact information about the Bair Foundation, go to

We believe everyone can help in some way. If unable to foster or adopt a child, you could be a respite provider or donor. Donations enable Bair to provide extras for the children in care, such as Christmas gifts, music lessons, equipment for special medical needs, etc. Donations can be made online at

Bair Nominated for 2016 Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute’s Angels in Adoption Award



The Bair Foundation Child & Family Ministries was recently nominated for the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute’s 2016 Angels in Adoption Award.

The awards ceremony will take place on September 21, 2016 at the Ronald Regan Building in Washington, D.C.

Representing The Bair Foundation Child & Family Ministries at the event will be Jill Schmidt, Director of Adoption & Permanency Services and Bair Vice President Kimberly Young. The Bair Foundation was nominated by a family in Erie, Pennsylvania and selected by Congressman Mike Kelly (R-PA 3rd District) for  excellence in Adoption Services.

Also nominated and selected by Senator Bob Casey, was Bair Foster Parent, Kelly Hughes who is the founder of The Foster Love Project. Driven by her desire to replace the possession-filled garbage bags with backpacks filled with basic necessities, she and her team have distributed over 3,000 bags to over 21 agencies in 10 counties over the last three years.

The Bair Foundation is honors to be nominated for such a prestigious award. Past recipients of this award include: Muhammad Ali, First Lady Laura Bush, Kristin CHenoweth, Scott Fujita, Deborra-lee Furness, Katherine Heigl & Josh Kelly, Patti LaBelle, Ne-Yo, Rhea Perlman, Shonda Rhimes, Korie and Willie Robertson, Al Roker, Jane Seymour, Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, Bruce Willis, Nia Vardalos, Bill Klein and Jen Arnold, Connie Britton, Rachel Crow, Studios, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Hallmark Channel, and PEOPLE Magazine.

To learn more about the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, visit their facebook page at




Bair Celebrates National Adoption Month


Every year during the month of November, thousands of community organizations and social service agencies arrange and host programs, events and activities to share positive adoption stories, challenge the myths and draw attention to the thousands of children in foster care who are eligible for adoption. According to the Christian Alliance for Orphans, there are more than 100,000 children and teens in the U.S. foster care system that are waiting for a “forever” home. Throughout the month, The Bair Foundation Child & Family Ministries and many of their adoptive parents will join forces to raise awareness about adopting from the foster care system and the great need for more adoptive homes.

Bair foster family, Niki and Seth Reichart are just one of the many couples who have opened their heart and their home to foster children who were adoptable, as well as those who are not.

Long before they were married, Niki and Seth Reichart knew that they wanted to adopt. “I believe that the Lord has commanded us all to the orphan care ministry in some way,” Niki expressed as she spoke of her inspiration to get involved in the foster care system. “Whether it is being a foster parent, supporting those who foster or adopt, public awareness or fundraising, we are all called upon to help God’s children.”

“With our desire to care for orphans, we had started on the private adoption road for a few years, but it just was not working out for us. It was not until my brother had mentioned the fact that there are so many kids in the foster care system waiting for a “forever home” that we felt that this was the direction God wanted us to take. Realizing that there are many ways to care for orphans, not just through adoption, we began our journey down the foster care road, and we would not want it any other way. We have completely just fallen in love.”

The Reicharts had been involved in the foster care system since 2009 and during that time they had many children come through their home and ended up adopting one of them, a little girl named Elianna. Their family continued to grow with their four biological sons, Grayson, Roman, Jackson and Tyson, but they still felt as though something was missing. After taking a break for a little while after the adoption of their daughter, they decided to recertify their home for foster care. Shortly after making that decision, Solomon was placed in their home. His brothers and sister welcomed Solomon with opened arms and a year later the adoption process was set in motion.

One September morning, Niki and Seth woke up full of nerves and excitement as their family got into the car and headed to the courthouse. They were greeted with balloons, cakes, photographers and so much love, celebration and excitement when they arrived to officially adopt their 17 month old son, Solomon.

“It was such a fun and exciting experience. The judge even included our children and had each of them stand up and introduce themselves.”

All of the nerves from earlier that morning had disappeared as they continued with making the adoption legal. “I cannot even describe the feeling of fulfillment, relief and happiness that we felt when the judge said that he was officially presenting Solomon Reichart.” Niki mused, “He was legally ours. We knew that was the name that we wanted, but to hear the judge verbally say it and make it official… was simply amazing. He was permanently a part of our family and that missing feeling was filled with an overwhelming amount of love.”

“We do not know how many kids we want to adopt, but we definitely want to continue doing foster care”, said Niki. “We are at a point where we are deciding if we want to take a little break or if we want to dive back in.”

Niki says that she shares information about foster care and foster-to-adopt with anyone that is interested, “It is a great opportunity to teach children about the love of Jesus, whether it is for two days, two months or forever.” She went on to say [that] “being involved in the foster care system provides the opportunity to obey the Lord’s call of caring for orphans, and to be an example of and share His love.”

So as the Reichart family and many other adoptive families celebrate National Adoption month, let us remember those children still in care who are waiting…waiting for a family to call their own.

Contemplating the challenges of foster care adoption is made a bit easier with the right information and a network of professional supporters. The permanency staff at The Bair Foundation, Pittsburgh office stands ready to help in any way they can. To find out more, call 412-341-6850. Bair also have offices in New Wilmington, Altoona, Harrisburg and Erie PA. For contact information, visit Bair’s website at

The family information:

Niki and Seth Reichart



The Bair Foundation, The Cabinet for Health and Family Services and at least a dozen private foster care agencies are hosting a Foster Care and Adoption Fair Saturday, May 24th from 10am to 1pm at the Centenary United Methodist Church, 2800 Tates Creek Road, Lexington. The Foster Care and Adoption Fair provides an opportunity for prospective foster and adoptive parents to learn more about the hundreds of children currently in the foster care system who are in need of foster and adoptive families.

In Kentucky, there are 1,774 children with a goal of adoption; of those 1774 children, 855 are legally free for adoption; of those 855 children, 355 children do not have identified families at this time.  Children need a family for life, not just until they reach 18 and leave foster care. The Foster Care and Adoption Fair is a great event for everyone who has ever considered fostering or adopting a child and to learn more about the children who are awaiting adoptive families in our community.

Emily Deitrick, Intake Coordinator for The Bair Foundation will be available for share the ministry of foster care.  In addition there will be breakout sessions to discuss foster care and adoption.  Food will be provided by Thursday’s Child and there will be drawings for Door Prizes!

The Bair Foundation’s Executive Director, Susan Miklos, recently earned her Doctorate Degree with honors from California Coast University in Santa Ana, CA.


 The Executive Director of The Bair Foundation recently received her Doctorate Degree in Business Administration late last week. Graduating with honors from California Coast University in Santa Ana, Dr. Susan Miklos will continue to work in the field of child welfare.

“Ever in the pursuit of excellence and professional development, our executive director made many personal sacrifices to achieve her lifelong goal of achieving her Doctorate degree. Susan continues to strengthen herself and our organization by continuing her education to the highest degree. The Bair Foundation is very proud of her and her accomplishments,” stated Dorie Alcaro, Marketing Director for The Bair Foundation.

Described as a progressive, energetic business woman, administrator, and leader, Dr. Miklos has over 30 years of experience in the field of child welfare. Dr. Miklos’ career with the foundation started in 1985 as a case manager. She quickly moved up throughout the organization to become the Ohio Placement Services Director, and soon after the Vice President of The Bair Foundation. Since 1992, Dr. Miklos has served as the foundation’s Executive Director and has played a key role in expanding the organization’s programs and services across the country.

As the Executive Director of The Bair Foundation, Dr. Miklos has expanded the foster care agency from serving less than 200 foster youth to over 7,000 children and hundreds of families in crisis each year. Under her leadership, the foundation continues to grow; currently 31 offices are in operations.

As a well-known child advocate Dr. Miklos strives to provide high quality services for children, teens, and families that meet their specific needs. 

The Bair Foundation Attends God’s Heart for Orphans Conference

The Bair Foundation of Tyler, Texas partners with The East Texas Orphan Care Network for God’s Heart for Orphans Conference on February 1st.

Tyler, TX – The Bair Foundation partners with The East Texas Orphan Care Network for God’s Heart for Orphans Conference on February 1st. The Bair Foundation is focused on finding “forever” homes for the 6,500 children and teens in foster care in Texas whose biological parental rights have been terminated.

 The purpose of the East Texas Family Conference is to inspire, encourage and motivate individuals and churches to take up the cause of the fatherless.  All are invited to come and learn what James 1:27 means: “Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God, the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress …” The Bair Foundation will have a booth at the conference to distribute information and share the ministry of foster care and foster-to-adopt.

 “We are really looking forward to showcasing our organization at the God’s Heart for Orphans Conference next month. Foster and Adoptive families are in high demand for the thousands of foster youth in Texas. The ability to give a child a forever home is an immeasurable gift to give, and we make sure those families have the best support system possible,” stated Dorie Alcaro, Marketing Director for The Bair Foundation. Our greatest need is for families willing to adopt older children or sibling groups.

The foundation provides incomparable and specialized training for adults interested in adoption or in becoming a foster parent. Once certified, the adoption and foster care organization provides 24/7 support to these families.

“As foster parents serve the children, The Bair Foundation will serve them through support, encouragement, and mentoring,” continued Alcaro.

Held on Saturday, February 1st, “God’s Heart for the Orphan” Conference will be hosted at the Green Acres CrossWalk Conference Center. Scheduled speakers included Congress woman, Michele Bachmann, Dr. Russell Moore, and President of Religious Liberty and Ethics Commission and TCU’s Dr. Karyn Purvis.

About The Bair Foundation

The Bair Foundation is a national organization that has successfully cared for and treated children, teens and families for over 45 years. With 30 offices in 9 states it offers a myriad of community based services which include Structured Intervention Treatment Foster Care, Traditional Foster Care, Adoption Services, Medically-Needy Foster Care, Independent Living Services, Parent Empowerment Program, B.E.S.T. Program, Wraparound Services, In-Home Services, Assessment Home, and Outpatient Services. The Bair Foundation is accredited by COA (Council on Accreditation) and is a member of The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, Alliance for Children and Families, Christian Alliance for Orphans, and Foster Family-Based Treatment Association. To find out more about The Bair Foundation, visit and

The Bair Foundation Child and Family Ministries Opens Our First Girls’ Home in the Texas Panhandle

The Bair Foundation Girls’ Home gives teen girls in foster care a fresh start! 

With celebrities getting all the attention for adopting children, The Bair Foundation would like to recognize foster parents, Alex and Nancy Porter for overseeing Bair’s newly opened Girls’ Home in the Texas Panhandle. The home has enough space for 12 girls that may include teen moms and their babies. Mr. and Mrs. Porter have fostered with The Bair Foundation Child and Family Ministries for the past ten years and consider “championing” teen girls their ministry. Many of the former foster youth who passed through their home still call them “mom” and “dad” when they stop back for the holidays.

The Girls’ Home is equipped to provide a safe, nurturing environment that integrates academic pursuits, counseling, and the opportunity to develop a healthy and productive life. The foster girls placed in the home are referred to Bair by the state and reunification with the biological parent, if possible, is the goal. Placements may be as brief as a few weeks or could last until permanency is secured. These girls have gone through a lot – abuse, neglect, and multiple placements, so the Porters want to provide the stability, structure, and love they need and deserve while in care. Alex and Nancy provide a family setting with regular meals, bedtimes, and scheduled family days out where the girls are encouraged to “just be themselves”.

Bair’s commitment to excellence can be seen in the passion of their dedicated staff, success of their program, and effectiveness of the foster parents like the Porter’s.

There is such a huge need for foster homes that will serve teens, both male and female, and The Bair Foundation is asking the community and church congregations to open their heart and home to local foster youth. Foster Parenting is life-changing and rewarding; if you have a heart for children and teens and want to be part of a team that is truly making a difference, apply now through